Prods & Catholics unsure whether to buy Indian or Pakistani ‘flegs’

Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland took a break from their own ethno-nationalist squabble to weigh into a row over the conflict between India and Pakistan last night.

Pakistan shot down two Indian military jets and captured two pilots in a major escalation between the nuclear powers over the disputed area of Kashmir.

Meanwhile hundreds of Northern Irish people were desperately trying to discover which of the Asian nations they should be lending their support to.

Big ‘Turk’ Young (43), from the loyalist Albertbridge Road wrote a Facebook post demanding to know: ‘Are the Pakis like usuns or themuns? Dunno which fleg I should buy?’

‘I hope the Indians are the Prod Muslims’.

‘It’d be an absolute sin to burn out the kebab shop. I f**king love their doner meat’.

This week’s offer at Fletcher Meats

Meanwhile, wee Dessi Dent (47) from Ardoyne was just as confused as his Loyalist counterpart about who he should pledge allegiance too.

‘I was on Wikipedia there and by the looks of it, the Pakistanis are like usuns’, explained Dessi.

‘The Pakis see the Indians as foreign invaders of their land, like usuns with the Brits’.

‘Then again, I just spied the Indian fleg and it’s green white & gold?? Ach, this is awful f**king confusing so it is’.

‘Think I’ll just ring the Sinn Fein office, they’re bound to know who usuns are’.

Meanwhile, the Union Jack Shop on the Newtownards Road made a bit of a gaffe earlier today when a customer asked if they had any Indian flags.

‘F**king dickhead sold me a Pocahontas one’, moaned Big Turk.



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