Momo challenges parents to give their kids some attention

A disturbing online avatar with grotesque features and bulging eyes is challenging parents to give their children the time of day, according to reports.

Momo is a disturbing WhatsApp game feared to have resulted in the parental supervision of thousands of children.

According to the Ballybeen Computer Crime Investigation Unit , the game started on Facebook where parents were “challenged” to verbally communicate with their offspring.

Since 2010 mothers and fathers have been able to pass all parental duties to wifi-equipped electronic devices.

But cops in Northern Ireland are linking the game to a case in which a 9-year-old girl was given 5 minutes of her parent’s attention.

‘I’d managed to avoid speaking to our Eva since she was 3-yrs-old and now all this shite’, explained father-of-one Neil ‘Squazza’ Lemon.

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‘I spent £700 on a phone to specifically avoid verbally communicating with Eva. In fact, last month I inquired about the possibility of handing over full custody to the iPhone’.

‘Whenever I handed a 9-year-old child unrestricted access to the internet I never in a million years expected something like this to happen’.

Neil recalls the horrifying moment the avatar demanded he ‘followed her orders’ by talking to his child for a couple of minutes.

‘It was like I was under a spell’, explained Neil.

‘Before I knew it, there I was engaged in a full blown conversation with my child’.

‘I just asked her what she did at school that day and she went fully into one’.

Little did she know I didn’t give the slightest of fucks. I couldn’t wait to get back to a row I was having in the comments section of a Belfast Live Facebook post’.



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