Man reveals ordeal after finally emerging from Speed Awareness course

A local man has described the horrific four-hour ordeal he suffered at a Speed Awareness Course after an emotional reunion with his family yesterday. 

Martin Aston was trapped along with twenty-three others on an AA DriveTech course in Belfast for an unnecessarily long period of time.

The 66-year-old wept as the icy Northern Irish rain pelted his face for the first time in over four hours.

Scenes of jubilation erupted each time a course participant arrived to a hero’s welcome outside Quay Gate House in the city.

Large video screens were set up in public places like Belfast’s City Hall to let people watch and cheer as each person on the course was hauled to safety.

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The participants were whisked away for medical check-ups and found to be in good health, except for one man who is feared to have lost both testicles to boredom.

Martin Aston broke down in tears as he told reporters about his harrowing experience:

‘I never thought it would end. I’m just so happy to still be alive’, sobbed Mr Aston.

‘I’m not gonna lie. There were times I did think of giving up. There are only so many patronising videos of someone braking a Toyota Yaris a man can watch’.

The 66-year-old described how bibles, letters and pre-recorded messages from their families kept their spirits up during some dark and seemingly hopeless hours.

‘I just kept thinking about the state my wife and kids would leave my house in if I wasn’t there. That’s what kept me going’.

Asked if he’d learnt any lessons from the experience, Aston replied: ‘Definitely. I’m a shite driver so undoubtedly there’ll be further speeding offences. But next time I’m taking the points’

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