ISIS bride names her child Tommy after her ‘hero’ Tommy Robinson

ISIS bride Shamima Begum has given birth to healthy baby boy whom she’s decided to name Tommy in honour of her ‘hero’ Tommy Robinson. 

A statement released by her family’s lawyer said: “We, the family of Shamima Begum, have been informed that Shamima has given birth to her child, Tommy Robinson Begum’.

“Shamima has always been an avid supporter of Mr Robinson’s work in the UK and decided to pay her homage by calling her son Tommy”.

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In an extraordinary interview with Sky News, she said she had “an absolute ball” in Syria but felt the time was right to return to the UK where she hoped to “live quietly with her child on benefits”.

Ms Begum, 19, who ran away from school in Bethnal Green to join ISIS in 2015 aged 15, said that for four years she had been “just an ordinary housewife who helped out with the odd stoning or beheading if they were a man short”.

And the 19-year-old claims if she was allowed to return to the UK she would become a member of the UK Independence Party to help “keep them bloody foreigners out”.

Asked if she had any plans to have more children Shamima said: “I’d love to have a little girl and name her Katie after my heroine Katie Hopkins”.




2 thoughts on “ISIS bride names her child Tommy after her ‘hero’ Tommy Robinson

  1. I love this page. Especially anything about the Been. As I used to work there. I think I was one of the few Catholics allowed in then. The was Post Good Friday Agreement. I loved the one you posted awhile back about Davar Ave. Keep up the good work .


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