Local gay man having therapy to turn his back on DUP

An openly gay man has spoken out about turning his back on the Democratic Unionist Party – and even having therapy to fight it.

Flight attendant Julian Thompson has been attending ‘DUP conversion’ sessions for almost four years.

Julian’s family have revealed their torment after their rampantly homosexual son revealed that he was a closet DUP voter.

Julian made the shocking admission to his parents after years of keeping his true political views a secret.

‘I’m gutted’, confessed his father Jim.‘Bringing home stray cock at all hours of the night I could deal with but a DUP voter? I feel sick just thinking about it’.

His mother revealed that she hasn’t been at work since their son dropped the bombshell.

‘How can I go in and face anyone when they all know our Julian likes Sammy Wilson? He’s my heart broke’, she sobbed.

Julian, 23, decided to seek treatment because he was threatened with being outed by a neighbour who saw him purchasing a Willie McCrea CD in Poundland.

‘I think the time has come to be honest and tell everyone I’ve been having impure thoughts about voting for the Democratic Unionist Party’, said the 23-year-old.

‘I tried voting for other parties to please my parents but I was living a lie’, he added.

The Ryanair employee then took to Facebook to announce the news.

‘Ach wise up Jules, we always sorta knew anyway’, wrote school friend Daniel Lions

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