Neeson’s links to Nazi Party

With the fierce debate still raging over actor Liam Neeson’s controversial admission that he once wanted to kill a random black man, it’s now been revealed that the Ballymena man may have had links to the Nazi Party. 

The startling revelations, which appeared on Buzzfeed last night, claim that Neeson (born 1952) became a spy for the Abwehr, the military intelligence service of Nazi Germany, in 1936.

The same article claims that the Taken actor was arrested by the Czech government for espionage on 18 July 1938 and immediately imprisoned, but was then released as a political prisoner under the terms of the Munich Agreement.

It goes on to claim that Neeson forced 1,200 Jewish refugees to work for a pittance in his Michelin factory in Ballymena during World War Two.

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People took to Twitter in their droves last night to spill their bile about these latest unfounded accusations.

‘They’re cute hoors those Ballymena ones. You can’t watch them. Did you know the Paisleys were from there?’, wrote Ethel McTroll.

Many commentators believe these new bombshell revelations will spell the end of the 66-year-old’s illustrious career.

‘That’s Spacey gone, now Neeson. We will not stop until Dwayne Johnson is the only actor left in Hollywood’, beamed a journalist from Vanity Fair.

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