Race storm as Charlie Lawson Tweets: ‘I could murder a f**king Indian’

Charlie Lawson is facing a major racism storm over a Tweet in which he claimed he could ‘murder a f**king Indian’.

The Enniskillen-born actor posted the Tweet after a hefty boozing session last night which sent the internet into meltdown.

The 59-year-old is best known for appearing as Jim McDonald in the wildly depressing soap opera, Coronation Street.

However, it would now appear everyone would prefer to remember him as a ‘big racist b**tard’ instead.

Defending the Tweet, Lawson explained: ‘I’m not a racist, so am not’.

‘I sank 8 pints of Stella then thought to myself, ‘f**k I could murder an Indian’, so that’s what I Tweeted, so a did’.

‘But I just meant I was gonna have a wee nosy on Just Eat. It wasn’t like I was gonna head down the Rajput and start knackin c**nts ballix in?’.

Fletcher Meats giving away FREE BEER!!!

Lawson attempted to diffuse the situation by explaining the context in which the remarks were made but only made things worse.

‘I could just as easily have said ‘I could murder a f**kin Chinese’ but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna start driving a tank about Tiananmen Square, does it nai?’.

It’s not the first time Lawson has been in hot water over his comments.

He was once quoted as saying ‘all women are b**tards’ but moved quickly to distance himself from such remarks by saying:

‘The only B-word I call women is beautiful. Bitches love that shit’.

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