Local couple looking forward to an evening of scrolling aimlessly through Netflix until one goes to bed

A Dundonald couple are looking forward to getting their kids to bed tonight then browsing through every movie on a popular streaming service until one of them either falls asleep or goes to bed in a huff.

Joe and Helen McMelter like to unwind at the end of an exhausting day by engaging in a three-hour-long debate about which movie they should watch on Netflix.

However, in 9 out of 10 cases the indecisive pair will fail to reach agreement and end up watching fuck all.

‘You pick something. I picked the last time’, argues Helen

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‘Sure no matter what I pick, you’ll just say no anyway’, countered Joe.

And so, after a toing and froing that’d give The Chuckle Brothers a sore head, Joe is left with the unenviable task of picking the movie.

‘This is a bloody nightmare’, said Helen. ‘He’s been up and down every genre from Dramas to Horror but still no agreement’.

‘Look, it’s 10.30pm already!! Now we can’t watch anything longer than two hours or we’ll be knackered in work tomorrow’.

‘And it’s a shite selection on Netflix anyway. Three quarters of the films have The Rock or Jason Statham in them and they couldn’t act asleep’.

‘Ach, just hurry up and pick something’, barked Helen.

Three hours into the search and Joe’s thumb was beginning to cramp and he complained of going cross-eyed.

‘I’m not fussy, she says’, moaned Joe. ‘I’m not allowed to pick anything with zombies, aliens or John Travolta in it, cos apparently he gives her the shits’.

‘So no doubt we’ll end up watching some ballix like Dirty Dancing again. I can’t believe women actually think it’s a love story and there’s Patrick Swayze’s running about that summer camp collecting hymens like the Predator collected skulls’.

‘Ach fuck this, watch whatever ya like, I’m away to bed’, snapped Helen.

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