Dad asks son if he can get some ‘decent gear’ ahead of lads reunion

A local man finally plucked up the courage to ask his teenage son if he was able to get his hands on some recreational drugs in advance of a lads reunion.

Former raver Sam ‘Ribs’ Maguire, hastily organised an old friends reunion after finding a shoe box full of Gleave Dobbin mix tapes in his garden shed.

Maguire, 45, spent the evening listening to the tapes and reminiscing about the time he double-dropped in ’93 to Symphonic’s ‘Run To Me’ with a Vics nasal stick hanging out of his snout.

‘I started a whatsapp group for some of the old crew’, Maguire explained.

‘Me, big Chico, Squazza and McCaffrey are definites at the minute. But wee Squire said he’d let us know nearer the time’.

‘Usually, you have to give people at least two months’ notice because their kids keep getting sick. But everyone’s genuinely up for this. I just need to get my hands on some decent pills’.


‘I was gonna ring big Brick who used to deal back in the day but apparently he’s Maghaberry now. I’ve no option, I’m just gonna have to ask our Nathan if he can get us any gear’.

That evening, Maguire asked his 17-year-old son Nathan if he wanted ‘to hear Daddy’s music’ then offered him a beer.

Maguire recalls, ‘We were about 40 minutes into a banging Marty C set when I asked Nathan if he’d ever taken drugs. He point-blank denied it the wee ball-bag. But I’ve seen him creepin’ in here about 8am with his jaw swinging like a house-party in Helen’s Bay’.

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