Stormont Assembly’s two year challenge pics will amaze you

The Stormont Assembly jumped on the social media bandwagon this morning by uploading its ‘Two Year Challenge’ pics and the results will amaze you.

There’s a new trend you’ve probably spotted on your feed: #10YearChallenge, which has been picking up speed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with thousands of people, including plenty of celebrities.

Participants simply post two images – usually side by side – which were taken at least ten years apart.

The overall message? ‘Give me the validation I so desperately seek by telling me I haven’t aged a day’.

However, in most cases you were a fucking mess ten years ago and you’re an even bigger mess today.

Now, our very own Stormont Assembly has joined in the fun by posting photos of itself from two years ago and today.

And voters across the province have rushed to social media to post their reactions.

‘Wow’, gushed Big Roberta Speers from Cluan Place.

‘You could hardly tell the difference. Hasn’t aged a bit’, she added.

‘Awk Stap it’, begged wee Donna Taggart from the Falls Road.

‘Like new. It’s almost as if no one’s been in it for years’.

Following the positive reaction to the Assembly’s post, MLAs tried to get in on the act but their photos were removed and swiftly banned under the Geneva Convention.



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