Dundonald woman is ‘fed up this day’

A Dundonald woman has announced via Facebook that she is ‘fed up this day’.

Notorious drama-queen Helen McMelter often takes to social media to let everyone know her business.

This morning the 32-year-old posted her deliberately vague status hoping for an outpouring of online sympathy.

And within a matter of seconds, all the nosy bastards on her friends list descended upon the comments section demanding ‘all the biz’.

With her audience now in attendance, Helen revealed what had led her to become so ‘fed up this day’.

‘I’m always there for other people but the minute you need them they’re nowhere to be seen’, vented Helen.

‘At times like these you realise who you’re real friends are. I’ll be looking after No1 in future’, she continued with her ambiguous rant.

Unsatisfied with what they were reading, some friends wrote ‘Ring me Xx’ while others went straight for the jugular and contacted Helen via Facebook chat.

‘She always does this’, claimed local gossip monger Kelly McDrama.

‘Sticks up her cryptic fucking posts then never fully explains them. I need details. Who’s said what? Who’s done what? Who’s doing who?’

‘Awk, come-mo-wan, don’t leave me hanging big girl. Fuck it, I’m private mailing her’, conceded an impatient Kelly.



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