Shots at house in Dundonald

Three people were left seriously steaming after rounds of shots were fired down their necks at a house in Dundonald last night.

Neighbours raised the alarm when they heard multiple shots being ‘necked like fuck’ followed by some dreadful singing.

One eyewitness reported hearing the infamous Steek-Anthem ‘Flex-Flex-Super-Flex’ on loop for three and half hours, accompanied by occasional cries of ‘Yeeeooo’.

Officers responded to the call within hours of finishing a Dominos.

When they entered the property they discovered several discarded shot glasses on the floor.

A man and two women in the property were left badly shaking.

The man is being treated for Aftershock.

Damage was caused to the kitchen walls, their livers and any potential career prospects.

Responding officers gave the victims Sukie and sausage rolls. It remains unclear whether or not they’ll be at work today.

It’s not the first time the home has been targeted after it was pelted with Jaeger Bombs two weeks ago.

The occupants were rescued on that occasion when a taxi driver brought them a McDonald’s breakfast and twenty Regal Kingsize.

Police are appealing to anyone with information to hold off until tomorrow as they’re having a FIFA tournament at the station tonight.

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