East Belfast Avon dealer viciously attacked

A suspected Avon dealer has suffered potentially ‘career-changing’ injuries after a vicious beating, police have said.

The victim, a renowned make-up pusher, was taken to the Ulster Hospital where he is having a foundation brush surgically removed from his rectum.

Graffiti claiming ‘Avon dealers will be shat’ was daubed on wall close to where the attack took place.

Police are treating the situation as ‘fucking hilarious’.

Mark Anew has been selling his product on the streets of East Belfast for several years despite repeated threats from local paramilitary bosses to stop.

The 39-year-old was spotted going door-to-door around Glenallen Street yesterday evening when he was set upon by a posse of men.

When asked whether he recognised any of his attackers, Mark responded: ‘Na, they were wearing face-masks – and I’m not talking about a Clearskin facial either’.

There have been rumours that Anew’s own teenage sons, Bazza and Spanker may have been involved in the attack.

The brothers have been subjected to cruel taunts from classmates about their father being an Avon dealer and sources believe they may have even instigated the assault.

‘We can’t even show our faces in public for the shame’, confessed Spanker.

‘Why can’t he just sell drugs like everyone else’s Da?’, sobbed Bazza.


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