Investigation launched after holidaymakers skip Lagan Bar Facebook check-in

An investigation is underway at Belfast International Airport after a couple of holidaymakers failed to check themselves in at the Lagan Bar using Facebook.

The couple (who cannot be named for legal reasons) were taken to an on-site custody suite by airport security staff and questioned about the incident.

One eyewitness in the Lagan Bar described the moment the pair sat down with their drinks about 7.30am this morning.

‘Everything seemed perfectly normal at first’, described the eyewitness.

‘They went to the bar and bought their drinks. But whenever they sat down, that’s when things got strange’.

‘Instead of whipping out their smartphones and taking photos of the drinks, they just drank them’.

‘Then they started talking to one another instead of aimlessly scrolling up and down their phones’.

‘It was almost as if the entire trip wasn’t for everyone’s benefit and they actually enjoyed each other’s company?’.

‘I kept waiting on a phone coming out but nothing. No photos of the drinks, no Facebook check-ins nor a caption reading ‘And so it begins’ with accompanying aeroplane emoji – fuck all’, added the eyewitness.

A spokesperson for the airport confirmed that a couple were helping officials with their enquiries after an incident this morning.

As news of the incident broke, other holidaymakers took to social media to express their outrage.

‘How the fuck are we supposed to know when someone’s holiday begins unless they check-in on Facebook at the Lagan Bar. This will lead to chaos’, Tweeted one disgruntled flyer.

‘No Lagan Bar check-in? What next? No photos on the balcony before a night out? Total madness. I blame Brexit’, Tweeted another.

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