Geri Halliwell must wear Union Jack dress on designated day if Spice Girls tour hits Belfast

As the four skint Spice Girls look set to announce yet another comeback tour, the girl band have been warned that Geri Halliwell will only be permitted to wear her famous Union Jack dress IF their Belfast show dates coincide with one of the 18 designated days.

Nationalist politicians wrote to ‘Ginger’, ‘Sporty’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Scary’, explaining that any attempt to flaunt the rules would be in direct contravention to the law under The Flags (NI) Order 2000.

Former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams claims he would have ‘no hesitation’ in ‘taking the dress down’ should Halliwell decide to wear the iconic garment.

‘As much as I like the Spice Girl’s who provided much of the soundtrack to the Good Friday Agreement negotiations, I would have no qualms about storming the stage at the SSE and defrocking thon Ginger one, should she appear draped in that foreign flag’, Tweeted Adams.

Organisers at Belfast’s SSE Arena have assured fans they have a contingency plan in place should the restrictions mean the Spice Girls cancel.

‘In the event the Spice Girls decide to cancel their Belfast performances, we’ve already got a local tribute act lined up to take their place’, said a spokesperson.

‘Arlene Foster, Michelle O’Neill, Naomi Long, Martina Anderson and Diane Dodds have kindly stepped forward to offer their services in a bid to quell their own boredom’.

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