Shaggy strenuously denies cheating with next door neighbour

Jamaican popstar Shaggy has strenuously denied claims he made sexual advances toward the girl next door, it has emerged.

Despite a mountain of incriminating evidence, including being rumbled mid-act by his girlfriend, the 50-year-old released a statement denying that he was ‘caught red-handed’ while riding the life clean out of his neighbour.

In a brief statement posted on his personal Twitter account this morning, Shaggy AKA ‘Mista Luva Luva’, said, ‘It wasn’t me’.

The allegations come after years of rumours which have dogged the self-proclaimed ‘Boombastic lover’.

Sources close to the star believe that in light of the damning evidence he should confess and accept the consequences of his actions.

One friend told us, ‘He was bragging to everyone about how he was bucking his next door neighbour all over her house’.

‘The kitchen counter, the sofa, the shower – you name it, big Shaggy bucked her in it’.

‘What makes matters worse is that his missus scooped him while he was balls-deep in the neighbour. And he still has the brassneck to deny it. I’m scundered for him’.

The reggae singer’s long-suffering partner Julie Mee sobbed, ‘I even caught the bastard on camera and he still won’t come clean’.

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