Latest MLA sighting at Stormont yet another hoax

The latest MLA sighting at Stormont has been exposed as yet another elaborate hoax, it has emerged.

Paranoid weed-smoker, Connor Spiracy (36), claimed he saw a Northern Irish MLA at work and even had photographic evidence to back it up.

However, the claims were exposed as lies after a careful examination of the evidence by experts at Dundonald Looniversity.

The flat-earther captured the footage on the grounds of Stormont and says the images he uploaded to social media were ‘shared by thousands of people around the globe’.

‘I was rolling a rocket, when suddenly, I heard a rustling in the bushes’, recalled Connor.

‘Much to my surprise, an MLA emerged from the thicket’.

When asked to describe what one looked like, Connor replied:

‘It was a well-rested looking creature, very relaxed’.

‘But when it spotted the Stormont Parliament Buildings in the distance the beast became agitated and disappeared back into undergrowth’, he added.

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Local researcher, Anthony P. O’logist, has spent the last twelve months of his career searching for MLAs.

‘These magnificent creatures usually hibernate for the whole of December but for some reason they’ve remained dormant for over two years’, said Anthony.

Many esteemed Northern Irish scientists discount the existence of MLAs and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification and hoax.

Belfast zoologist Big Steeky Irwin believes the latest supposed sighting is nothing more than another hoax.

‘There is no such thing as an MLA’, blasted Steeky.

‘No data other than fabricated material has ever been presented’.

‘MLAs sighted near Stormont. What next? A Civil Servant at his desk after 12 noon on a Friday? A UTV programme that’s not about rambling in rural Ulster? Gerry Adams WAS in the ‘ra?’, questioned Steeky.

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