Bitter ballixes arguing about Israel & Palestine… again

Prods and Catholics in Northern Ireland took a break from their own daily ethno-nationalist squabbles to weigh into a row over a sectarian conflict between Jews and Arabs today.

It’s the latest in a series of slanging matches between people who have the ability to turn every event, either domestic or foreign, into an Orange & Green debate.

Big ‘Turk’ Young (43), from the loyalist Albertbridge Road wrote a Facebook post in which he encouraged the Israeli troops to ‘get stuck inta lem’.

‘The Israeli ones are like our ones here, aren’t they not?’, quizzed Turk who initially thought the Gaza Strip was a Rangers kit from 1996.

‘To be honest with ye, it’s all a bit over my head but anything to wind the Taigs up, eh?’, he chuckled while hoisting an Israeli flag up a lamp post.

Meanwhile, wee Dessi Dent (47) from Ardoyne was just as vociferous in his support for the Palestinians.

‘I’ve a lot in common with them’uns, so I do. My land is illegally occupied by a foreign invader, the Huns. Palestinians grew up in the West Bank – I grew up in Hydebank and helped rob the Northern Bank’, explained Dessi.

When asked for his thoughts on Hamas, Dessi replied, ‘Dunno mate, never tried it. Is that not somethin’ froots dip their Doritos in?’.

Meanwhile the owner of The Rock Bar’s ‘head is melted’ over which flag to unfurl before NI kickoff against Israel.

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