Local man manages to drive past McDonald’s

A Dundonald man managed to drive past McDonalds without succumbing to temptation and entering the Drive-Thru, it has emerged.

Unbelievably 37-yr-old Phil O’Fish was able to steer his vehicle past the fast food joint in a straight line and did not end up with a greasy brown paper bag bulging with delicious salted bounty on his passenger seat.

It’s the first time since the franchise opened in 1992 that anyone has been able to resist the overwhelming urge to swing their car into the Drive-Thru.

‘Don’t ask me how I did it’, implored Phil.

‘Usually when I see those golden arches and the smell of cooked reconstructed meat engulfs the car, without thinking I’ll swing the car into that bloody Drive-Thru’.

‘And before you know it, you’re at the speaker ordering a Big Mac Meal, six nuggets and some of those cheese bites’.

‘It doesn’t matter how big a bloody dinner you had either. There’s always room for a McDonalds’.

‘But tonight, I dunno what came over me. I just kept the blinkers on and put my foot down’, he explained.

However, Phil’s neighbour Mick Flurry was not so lucky.

Despite having a hefty Chinese take-away for his tea, the 29-year-old succumbed to temptation when picking his wife up after she finished her 10pm shift at work.

‘I wasn’t even fucking hungry’, recalled Mick.

‘The missus hadn’t had any dinner and asked me to swing into the Drive-Thru’.

‘After I’d placed her order the guy on the headset asked me ‘Is that all?’. I just crumbled’.

‘I only wanted a burger and a drink but it was cheaper for a full meal so I got the chips too’, he confessed.

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