Local man tells internet about his ‘inspiring’ encounter with a homeless person

A Dundonald man who posted a long-winded Facebook status about his inspiring encounter with a homeless person is adamant he isn’t just ‘fishing for likes’, it has emerged.

Kyle Goodman, 23, was walking through the town centre when a homeless man made the terrible mistake of asking him for ‘spare odds’.

The beleaguered man’s request sparked a eureka moment for Kyle who sprang into action.

‘If I gave him money he probably would’ve spent it on something ghastly like booze or a blow job off a heroin addict’.

‘So I went and got him a 6-inch Sub and a hot drink instead.’, explained Kyle.

‘We had a chat and I tried to establish – in a totally unpatronizing way – why he was lying in the street caked in his own shite’.

‘And while he was describing how the bank sold him a 125% mortgage he couldn’t afford then seized his home, I decided to share his story on the internet without his consent’, Kyle added.

‘Then I whipped out my iPhone X and took a selfie with him. The sun must’ve been in his eyes or something cos he was putting his hand across his face’.

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The homeless man, Frank Hobo (42), although very grateful for the six inch Meatball Marinara, had an inkling he’d end up in a long-winded Facebook post.

‘While I was telling Kyle about the perils of sub-prime lending, I could tell his mind was elsewhere’.

‘It was almost as if he was writing that Facebook post in his head instead of listening to my story’, said Frank.

‘If I was a suspicious fella, I’d say Kyle was using me a pawn in some despicable scheme to make himself look like a hero and maybe get his hole out of it’.

‘But hey, at least I don’t have to wank someone off for grub today’.

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