Orange Order releases new series of L.O.L. Dolls for Xmas

The Orange Order is launching is own version of a popular children’s toy in an attempt to attract younger female members into its ranks, according to reports.

LOL Surprise Dolls are the new toy phenomenon that have swept the world.

Now the Loyal Orange Institution is hoping to capitalize on this by developing its own staunchly Protestant play-things.

So what are LOL dolls? Basically, they are small dolls wrapped in a surprise egg. Like Kinder Eggs only a lot more expensive.

If you’ve a daughter under the age of ten, chances are you’ve been subjected to countless ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube.

These normally involve a creepy middle-aged woman talking incessant shite while unwrapping dozens of toys.

The new Loyal Orange Lodge dolls will be hitting the shelves just in time for Christmas and are expected to be No.1 on all Loyalist children’s lists to Santa.

There are 45 Loyal Orange Lodge dolls to collect including Purple Star Queen and Kozy Club Babe.

Each collectible comes with a host of ‘Prod’ accessories including a band stick, a flute, an accordion and even a ceremonial sword.

‘It will be this year’s most sought after toy in the PUL community’, beamed Grand Master Craig James while unboxing a selection of Loyal Orange Lodge dolls at a press conference.

‘Weaker! An ultra-rare’, he screamed while holding his glittery miniature aloft.

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