Open letter to DLA fans by the admin

Normally when I post an article for the DLA, later that day I’ll scroll through the comments section.

99% of the time they are simply people tagging like-minded individuals but every now and again, there’ll be a particular kind of comment that makes me want to cry.

‘This stuff should be on a stage’, they say.

It’s at this point I start repeatedly smashing myself in the face with the keyboard whilst sobbing ‘But it is you silly bastard, it is!’.

After I remove the Ctrl key from my left nostril and mop up the blood using a roll of unsold tickets, I remind myself that it isn’t your fault.

Our evil overlords at Facebook have made it their Everest to ensure we see less and less content from our favourite pages.

It’s their belief that reading things like (hilarious) DLA articles is making its users depressed and we’d all be much happier sifting through endless cryptic passive-aggressive status updates from family members we haven’t had the heart to unfriend. Yet.

As a result, less than 3% of a pages followers will see its posts. Utter bastards.

It came to my attention how little of you knew about the latest show when I changed the Facebook page’s profile pic last week to advertise the tour dates.

And so, in this open letter to all the Dundonald Liberation Army fans, I am delighted to tell you THIS STUFF IS ON THE STAGE and has been for almost two years.

My latest show is called ‘Three’s a Shroud’ and centres around feuding Belfast undertakers from opposite sides of the religious divide.

It embarked upon a successful sellout run in the Waterfront Hall last year and now it’s back for a second spell including a tour.

If you’re a fan of the Dundonald Liberation Army’s material then you’ll enjoy this show!

I have to say I prefer writing for stage above all other mediums. You can say what you want (within the law) and therefore the end product is much truer to your own sense of humour.

A few delicate flowers did have to leave midway through last year’s show when it became all too much. That’s why I’m hoping this year’s audience will comprise of more DLA followers who’ve already been exposed to my brand of comedy.

Beneath is a clip of some of the reactions of last year’s audience who managed to endure it to the end:

Things will kick off in Armagh at the Market Place Theatre on Wednesday 19th September before moving to the Waterfront Studio in Belfast the following night.

It will remain there until Saturday 6th October before touring across venues in Newry, Larne, Ballymena, Omagh and Newtownabbey.

The final show will take place at the Garage Theatre in Monaghan on Saturday 13th October.

For full details of all the shows and to buy tickets click here:

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