Pope Francis spotted on Knock Road

Pope Francis has been spotted driving along the Knock Road and waving at gobsmacked onlookers, it has emerged.

The sight of the Popemobile cruising through East Belfast brought traffic to a standstill with many people unable to believe their eyes.

A mix-up in the Pontiff’s itinerary is being blamed for the unannounced visit to Belfast after he failed to appear at the Roman Catholic pilgrimage site in the village of Knock, County Mayo.

The motorcade made its way along the Newtownards Road until it stopped outside the Con Club.

Staff were left in a state of ‘total shack’ when the supreme pontiff asked if they were still serving lunch.

One eyewitness claims that his holiness and his entourage held hands and said a prayer as soon as the waitress arrived back with their chicken goujons and chips.

At first they believed it was an elaborate hoax but it quickly became apparent it was indeed the 266th Bishop of Rome

‘I thought it was some fellas on a Stag party taking the piss’, recalls barfly Basher Stewart.

‘But they were talkin’ in I-talian and were old as aul fuck. So I Googled a picture of the Pope and sure enough, it was him’.

‘I text a few of the lads to tell them the Pope was in the Con Club eating chicken goujons but they told me to sober up and fuck off’.



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