“What d’ya fancy for dinner the night?”

A local couple have begun their weekly ritual of repeatedly asking each other what they would like for from the take-away.

Sally-Lea Small and her husband, Dave, find themselves embroiled in the same eight hour long debate every Friday.

After the sort of back & forth that would leave even The Chuckle Brothers frustrated, extremely fussy Sally will utter the immortal line, ‘Ach, just get me anything’.

“Get me anything, she said”, said Dave.

“When we all know fine well, even the slightest mistake on my part will result in a Mariah Carey-esque meltdown”, he sobbed.

Dave proceeded to give us some insight into their weekly barney.

“It’ll start off jovial enough, you know, a wee text like ‘what do you fancy love?’ and then she’ll say, ‘Oh, I dunno, what do you fancy?”

“Then, after a string of Whatsapp messages, texts, private mails and phone calls, she’ll come off with something ridiculous like, ‘I fancy something really nice tonight’ – as if the rest of the week she’s been force-feeding herself dog-shite sandwiches”.

“Then I’ll rhyme off a list of things I would like, ya know Chinese, Indian, Italian but each one is swiftly rebuffed without explanation”.

“After she’s rejected every take-away within a ten mile radius, she’ll hit me with, ‘Awk just get something. I’ll eat anything'”.

When asked how the situation is resolved, Dave told us:

“Once we’ve read all the forty-two menus in the drawer from cover to cover, we’ll just order the same shite from the same place we do every week”.

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