Review: ‘Trouts will be sauté’, a cookbook by Gerry Adams

We’ve been treated to a sneak preview of the new cookbook which is really causing a stir, ‘Trouts will be sauté’, by former Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams. 

The veteran republican’s head has filled a few stockings over the years and now he’s releasing his first cookbook just in thyme (pun intended) for Christmas.

The Louth TD revealed his plans at Féile an Phobail in West Belfast on Monday night where dozens of people were intimidated into pre-ordering the book.

‘Gerry faced a few grillings in Castlereagh but little did we know he was a deft hand in the kitchen’.

‘He’s a very accomplished crook, eh, I mean cook’, said a Sinn Fein spokesman.

They say never judge a book by its cover but when it’s Gerry Adams holding a ceramic mortar and pedestal, it’s hard not to.

But the West Belfast man’s explosive range of culinary concepts will take some beating.

There’s a handy ‘Green in 15’ section for those eating ‘on the run’.

He’s also provided a handy guide to eating a sirloin without the use of a steak knife.

However, it’s his traditional recipes with a socialist republican twist that make this an essential guide for nationalist nutrition.

Dishes like ‘Bangers & Sash’, ‘Fuck a l’orange’, ‘We haven’t Scone away y’know’ and ‘Gerry Mandarin Orange Jelly’, will have you begging for mercy.

‘Trouts will be sauté’, priced £19.16, will be available on Amazon next week.

However, when pressed for a comment about the imminent release Mr Adams said: ‘I was never in the kitchen. I totally refute that allegation’.

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