Provisional driving licences to allow bunny ears from 2019

The DVA has revealed that people applying for provisional driving licences in 2019 will be allowed to use Snapchat filters on their photos. 

The agency announced the plans after they admitted normal photographic identification had been rendered obsolete.

“Most applicants will be 17-year-olds eager to write off their first car”, said Ricky Peugeot of the DVA.

“We had a rake of forms sent in along with photographs of kids with giant eyes and foot-long rainbow coloured tongues”.

“We were fighting a losing battle. If I had to stamp ‘rejected’ on one more application from a wee girl with a crown of flowers floating above her head, I was going off on the sick with stress”, he added.

Meanwhile, the PSNI has confirmed that it will allow its officers to put Snapchat filters over mugshots in an attempt to boost flagging moral in the build up to riot season.

“There’s nothing funnier than seeing a wee smick sporting a pair of bunny ears after lifting him for joyriding”, chuckled Officer Goodfellow

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